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Food Trucks – Restaurants


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Rules & Conditions

  1. Covered with quality tents.
  2. Led display for entertainment.
  3. Food court will be furnished with seats & tables.
  4. Proper five electricity ports for the restaurant’s equipment
  5. Approvals by first come and first serve with complete required papers & permission of SEREMI.
  6. Will be provided proper cooling facility with fans.
  7. Alcohol will not be permitted for sale and consume.
  8. Provided facility is only for selling of food products, cooking is strictly prohibited.
  9. Every restaurant applicant must maintain SEREMI rules and code of restaurant conduct.
  10. A preventionist will be always available to guide you.
Food Trucks

10 m2, 3 m2, 5 m2, 8 m2


Expo Clean Energy 2023, Expo India 2024


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