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If you're looking to buy tickets for international events you can do it in, a Chilean-based platform that offers tickets for our variety of international events.

To purchase tickets through, you can visit their website and browse their selection of available events to find the specific event you're interested in. Once you've found an event you want to attend, you can select your desired ticket type and quantity, and proceed to the checkout process.

We offer transportation options, you can also check with your hotel or accommodations for assistance with transportation.

The currency in Chile is the Chilean peso. You can exchange money at banks, currency exchange offices, and some hotels. It's also possible to withdraw money from ATMs, but be aware of potential fees.

Visitors from certain countries may need a visa to enter Chile. Check with the Chilean embassy or consulate in your home country to determine if a visa is required.

Visitors will need a valid passport to enter Chile and attend an international event.

Chile has many popular tourist attractions, such as the Atacama Desert, the Lake District, and the Chilean wine country. If you have time, consider extending your trip to explore some of these destinations. 

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