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What is Expo India?

Expo India is one of our premier international fairs, dedicated to showcasing the latest trends and innovations in home furnishings, fashion, handicraft, jewelry and others. The event brings together a diverse range of exhibitors from India, providing attendees with a unique opportunity to discover new products, connect with industry leaders, and expand their networks.

One of the primary objectives of Expo India is to provide a platform for businesses and organizations to showcase their latest products and innovations to a global audience. 

At Expo India, visitors can expect to find an extensive range of high-quality products, from exquisite handmade jewelry to beautiful home furnishings and textiles. With a focus on innovation and creativity, the fair is a hub for discovering the latest trends and styles in the industry.



Expo India 2024

  • Wednesday, March 20 of 2024

    Event Opening// Business Roundtable// Conference "Trends and Innovations in Home Furnishings"// Conference "Global Trade Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises"

  • Thursday, March 21 of 2024

    Official Opening// Authorities Speech// Business Lobby// Conference "Innovative Materials in Fashion and Home Decor"// Conference "Sustainable Fashion: Building a Greener Future"

  • Friday, March 22 of 2024

    Business Roundtable// India - Cultural Show Exhibition// Conference "The Art and Business of Handicrafts"// Conference "Crafting a Successful Online Business Presence"// Business Meeting // Cocktail (Assistance by invitation)

  • Saturday, March 23 of 2024

    Business Roundtable// Fashion Show Exhibition// Conference "Women in Creative Industries: Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success"// Conference "From Concept to Runway: Navigating the Fashion Design Process"

  • Sunday, March 24, 2024

    Business Roundtable// Conference "Jewelry Design: Creating Unique and Timeless Pieces"// Conference "Craftsmanship and Innovation: Exploring the Future of Jewelry Design"// Closing Ceremony // Business Dinner

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